Job Opening - Software Engineer

Job Opening - Software Engineer

Post by Steve Polloc » Fri, 05 Apr 1996 04:00:00

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[ DAI Software Engineer Job Openi 1K ]

DAI was formed in April 1993, to provide hardware design engineers
superior design analysis and productivity tools that reduce design
time. Signalscan, DAI's primary product is a leading Verilog waveform
viewing and source code debugging tool DAI will be announcing a
number of new design analysis throughout 1996.

The company is growing rapidly and believes that the trend toward
more complex designs, and the increasing pressure to get products to
market faster, coupled with DAI's excellent product and management
team, will enable the company to continue its rapid and profitable

DAI is profitable, privately funded and has 24 employees. The company
is based in San Jose, CA with an additional R&D center located in
Rochester, MN and a European sales office in the UK.


Our customers are electrical engineers designing integrated circuits
using high level design languages including Verilog and VHDL. Our
environment is small and team oriented. We work with the best tools
(workstations, compilers, etc.) and we work on products that ship to
customers who care. We offer our software engineers the opportunity
to really make a difference, and to participate with the full range
of software product development, from customer contact, to
specification, to architecture, to implementation.


   * At least a BS degree.
   * Experience with IC design, and Verilog or VHDL is a plus.
   * Skills required are C, C++, UNIX and preferably some GUI

Excellent compensation, comprehensive benefits including 401k, and
stock option program.


Doreen Rovetti
Design Acceleration
2105 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 370
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 559-8500 x131




Highly motivated Graphics Software Engineer with a desire to design,
implement and debug the graphics software for an extremely high
performance desktop graphics workstation.  An understanding of graphics
and an interest in becoming an expert at graphics algorithms is
essential.  Knowledge of general computer architecture and graphics
architectures in particular is a plus.

BS/MS Computer Science or equivalent.  

ISD Staffing                            web:
SGI 2201 North Shoreline Blvd., MS 742 Mountain View, CA 94039
Phone: 415.933-5419                     Fax:   415.933-0122

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