a open-source 2D CAD program in pure Java

a open-source 2D CAD program in pure Java

Post by Wang Tingha » Fri, 27 Apr 2001 17:22:15

Hello everybody:
    I am now making a open-source 2D CAD program with Pure Java.
    Anyone want to join and make it together or if you know anyone would
like to join this project.Please spread this message if apporirate.

    Visit http://jcad.gnuchina.org to get more information



1. Open source Java processor

I would like to announce that the Java processor TRAJA2
is now put under the GPL.

The source code was almost written with an undergraduate student,
and there is only a Japanese document except for the sources.
(I need volunteer to translate the document in English)
The code is written with SFL, and synthsizable with PARTHENON.
Current version only implements integer instructions, and complex
instructions are remain for emulation. (Sorry no emulation code
is completed yet.)

I would like to start OpenTRAJA project based on the TRAJA2 to
enhance the TRAJA2 and build a Java workstaion with a Java processor.
There are so many tasks to be done, of course.

If you are interested in the project, visit my WEB:


Thank you for your attention.

Naohiko Shimizu.

PS: I posted an article from my university several days before,
but until I don't see my post from ISP news server. Then I decided
to post the message again.

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