New Mold Design Product

New Mold Design Product

Post by Kevin Wish » Tue, 29 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Attention Mold Designers:

SolidParts Mold Base Library now available from SolidPartners


1. Product Design&Mold Design

I'm seasoned self-employed  FEA / Pro/E Design engineer with
over 10 years experience working in Shen Zhen city of Guang Dong
province, China.
I specialize in design of plastic electronic product, steel structure,
and mechanical design and have exercises of  toy , phone, airport
supply , special car refit designing etc using Pro/e , Autocad,
Cadkey, UG and other computer aided programs
My aim is to strive to Provide quality design and drafting services on
an as required basis, which will fulfill customer specific needs.
1.plastic electronic product design
2.mechanical design
3.transforming manual engineering drawings into computer generated
drawings, drawing conversions service,.take your paper drawings to cad
2d or 3d or any file form you want
I will offer lower price to client. The price list will be sent to you
if wanted. contact us with any questions that you may have.  I welcome
the opportunity to be of service.

the process
1.send your drawing to me by email or other ways
2.We take your hand drawn (paper) drawings and redraw them to new
version of your choice.
3.We return your drawings along with your your new electronic files on
computer disks by mail, internet, E-mail, or overnight express, it's
up to you.

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