Datum Curve

Datum Curve

Post by Jan Solminge » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00

>I'm using equation to draw datum curve. However, the following doesn't
>work for me,

>    x=0
>    y=abs(.05*sin(360*t))
>    z=(1/cos(60)/tan(30)-4*.2*sin(60))*t

>It's because of the abs() I use. I really need to use this equation and >abs() is mentioned in the user guide. Anyone has any idea why this is >not working?

I'm using parameters in curve equation, and it works with one
restrictions. If I change the parameter by SETUP#PARAMETERS#MODIFY, the
normal REGENERATE doesn't work. I have to do INFO#REGENT
INFO#BEGINNING#QUIT to update the curve.

Perhaps you can have your abs() connected to a parameter in relations
and the parameter in the curve equation.


1. Creating absolute values when constructing a datum curve from equation


Is there a way to create absolute values when creating a datum curve
from equation? I would like to enter something similar to these two
equations, but I can't since I'm unable to create absolute values....
I'm using Pro/E 2001. Thanks for your help.



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