attach tag

attach tag

Post by Li Siu Pa » Wed, 30 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know what's wrong with the following procedure? I want to
attach a tag to the element selected.  Although this procedure can
successfully complete, the tag is not attached. From
MbeElement.isTagged, I am sure a tag is added, but the value of
MbeElement.numTags is still 0.

Thanks a lot!!

Thomas Li


Sub main

dim dataPoint as MbePoint
dim element as new MbeElement
dim tag as new MbeTag

tag.setName = "tagSet" = "tagName"
tag.value = "testing"

MbeGetInput MBE_DataPointInput

if MbeState.getInputDataPoint(dataPoint) = MBE_Success then

   MbeStartLocate 0, 1, 0, FALSE
   MbeSendDataPoint dataPoint

   if MbeState.cmdResult = MBE_AcceptQuery then

      filePos = element.fromLocate()

      if filePos >= 0 then

         if element.attachTag(tag) = MBE_Success then
                                                ' Output value
            MbeMessageBox(str$(         ' 0
            MbeMessageBox(str$(tag.targetId))   ' 69
            MbeMessageBox(str$(element.isTagged)) ' 1 -- is tagged
            MbeMessageBox(str$(element.numTags))' 0

         end if
      end if
   end if
end if
end sub


1. Macro using attach tag

When I run the following macro it works as expected. When I close this
dgn file and open a new dgn file without exiting MicroStation and run
the macro again it waits for the user to input a tag value for fuseno.
When I exit MicroStation completely and enter MicroStation again the
macro works as expected.
Please HELP!

Sub main
    Dim startPoint As MbePoint
    Dim point As MbePoint, point2 As MbePoint

'   Start a command
    MbeSendCommand "PLACE CIRCLE ICON "

'   Coordinates are in master units
    startPoint.x = 2038.750000#
    startPoint.y = -3704766.310000#
    startPoint.z = 0.000000#

'   Send a data point to the current command
    point.x = startPoint.x
    point.y = startPoint.y
    point.z = startPoint.z
    MbeSendDataPoint point, 1%

    point.x = startPoint.x + 55.240000#
    point.y = startPoint.y - 46.710000#
    point.z = startPoint.z
    MbeSendDataPoint point, 1%

    MbeSendCommand "Attach Tags "

'   Send a keyin that can be a command string

    MbeSendKeyin "TAGJOURNAL ATTACH SET fuseno"

    point.x = startPoint.x + 63.740000#
    point.y = startPoint.y - 33.970000#
    point.z = startPoint.z
    MbeSendDataPoint point, 1%

    point.x = startPoint.x + 293.200000#
    point.y = startPoint.y
    point.z = startPoint.z
    MbeSendDataPoint point, 1%

    MbeSendKeyin "TAGJOURNAL ATTACH TAG fuseno"

'   When a command brings up a modal dialog,
'   a later statement must close the dialog,
'   or the MbeState.modalDialogByUser property
'   should be set to 1 so that the user must close
'   the dialog when the macro is executed.
'   Also, you may not use the debugger "Step"
'   commands while a modal dialog is displayed.

'   Opened modal dialog "Attach Tags [fuseno]"



'   Closed modal dialog "Attach Tags [fuseno]"

'   Following comment is the command to close a modal dialog
   MbeSendCommand "MBE1 CLOSEMODAL OK"

    point.x = startPoint.x + 118.980000#
    point.y = startPoint.y
    point.z = startPoint.z
    MbeSendDataPoint point, 1%
End Sub

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