AutoCAD LT97

AutoCAD LT97

Post by sonja.derij » Thu, 22 Mar 2001 06:03:34


I am studying for my Masters Degree in Risk Crisis & Disaster Management, in
my spare time, and for my final dissertation need to try to recreate a
systems failure that occured on a large scale network within a drawing

The only piece of software I require to copy the network set-up is a copy of

Can anyone supply the disk?

The only problem is, if I succeed in replicating the failure I will burn the
disk, so if you have a useless copy kicking around, I can pay towards the
cost of the version.

Many Thanks

Tom Laverty

Work: (UK) 01773 540707


1. Can't start AutoCad LT97 MSVCIRT.DLL missing

Help!  Trying to start my AutoCad LT 97 program.  Used to
run fine, I removed some unrelated programs last week to
gain disk space, may have removed something by mistake.

I get this error:   The MSVCIRT.DLL file is linked to missing

I can find the MSV file on my system, and have made a copy
of it in the autocad directory. Same error

I have reinstalled the AutoCad program from disk, same error.

Any ideas?     Op: windows95

Thanks in advance!!!

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