Job opportunities at new ECAD Tools company

Job opportunities at new ECAD Tools company

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Chrysalis Career Opportunities

Chrysalis Symbolic Design, Inc. delivers innovative software products
to the Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD)/ Electronic Design
Automation (EDA) markets.  These products employ a unique SYMBOLIC
LOGIC(tm) technology that accelerates our algorithms, allowing formal
verification of digital circuits with upwards of 600,000 gates.
Leading companies like Advanced Micro Devices,  IBM MicroElectronics,
Hewlett Packard, Cray Research, Silicon Graphics, and Toshiba use our
production-proven formal verification tool to move their products to
market in a shorter time, with less cost and higher confidence.
Headquarters in suburban Boston (N. Billerica). Equal opportunity

Representative sample of currently open job titles:

Southern California Regional Sales Executive
Northern California Sales Executive
Southern California Applications Engineer
Northern California Applications Engineer
Corporate (Japan/Travelling) Applications Engineer
Software Engineer (C, UNIX, algorithm development)
GUI Engineer (tcl, tk, perl)
Release Engineer (ClearCase, C, UNIX)
IC CAD Engineer (Verilog, VHDL, C, UNIX)
Engineering Manager

Furthermore, there may be opportunities for Summer/Co-op hires in the
following areas:

Systems Administration (UNIX)
Release Engineering (UNIX, CearCase)

additional information on the company, its products, and these jobs
can be found at our Web site,

Contact:  Paul Silver
Chrysalis Symbolic Design, Inc.
5 Billerica Park
N. Billerica MA  01862
(508) 436-9697 fax


1. Job Opportunities With A Hot California Company

Los Angeles, California

We need ASIC Design Engineers to develop ASICs for one of our
next-generation products, a Layer 3, IP/IPX Ethernet Switch (one of the
hottest markets going at the moment).

We're not Cisco, and we're not 3Com.  We're a small company who almost
overnight became the #3 market leader (based on Ethernet ports shipped).
In fact, we're the second-fastest growing company in California; and this
is probably the ideal time to come on board.  We offer a very competitive
compensation package, including stock options that are actually worth
something today and can realistically be expected to be worth more in the

Ideally, your background should be like this:  7+ years experience with all
aspects of ASIC design flow using VHDL and Verilog coding, including
simulation, synthesis, scan insertion, I/O and test benches.  You should be
familiar with Local Area Networking.  You should understand the
architecture/implementation of Ethernet switching products in ASIC.

We would like you to have the following education:  BSEE or similar;  MSEE

We have retained an Executive Search firm, and you should contact them if
you are interested, using the information below.

Tim McManamon
Rogers-McManamon Executive Search
714-496-1614 voice
714-496-2305 fax

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