HELP: R13+Win'95 plotting to NetWare queue

HELP: R13+Win'95 plotting to NetWare queue

Post by VIVER » Fri, 15 Mar 1996 04:00:00

> I've got AutoCAD R13_c4 running under Win'95...
> Everything seems to work extremely well, except plotting:
> There's a Calcomp Artisan 1023 pen plotter serving a queue named
> 'PLOTTER' at the NetWare 3.11 server 'VIVERK'. How do I direct my
> plottings to this queue?

Eventually I found a solution by looking at the technical document at:

FYI i used this configuration:
Command: config
         opt.7/opt.3 set to autospool
              /opt.4 set to F:\AUTOSP\
Options/Preferences/Misc/Plot Spooling set to
         nprint %s q%eplotter noti nt nb nff d

NB: The document say that the acadplcmd variable is set in Windows
in "Preference/Environment/Plotting edit box" but in R13_c4 it
is set in "Options/Preferences/Misc/Plot Spooling".

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