How to do Analog simulation in Analog Artist?

How to do Analog simulation in Analog Artist?

Post by Xu Zh » Sat, 04 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University.

I try to use Cadence's Analog Artist Simulation to do the simulation of
analog circuit.

When I try to put Stimulus File in the Graphical Environment, it
doesn't pop up "AC magnitude, AC phase DC voltage" as shown in the
manual, "Analog Artist Simulation Help   --> Creating a Stimulus File
Using the Graphical Interface" page 2 of 12. It means I can not put
any Stimulus to the circuit from the input pin. It only has an default
DC voltage there. Even I change to Sin, PWL etc..., no more entries
shows up on that form.

Can anyone give me some hints?

Is this because of software not setup properly or I missed some steps?
We are using Design Framework II environment 4.4


1. Analog Artist Simulation

Hi there,

I was wondering if the Cadence user community would share
some of its knowledge of Analog Simulation with me.  I am
looking into the ways that people save, for future reference,
the simulation runs that they do.

The group that I work with has just moved from Mentor v7 for
which they would write "do" files so that they would have the
details of each simulation to present when they were having
the project assessed.

Does anybody out there do anything similar when they are
using the Analog Artist tool?  Or, is there a better way to
do this type of thing in Cadence?  The only criteria I would
have is that the file has to be readable.

Thanks in advance,


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