MDL running EXACT Hidden Line Removal

MDL running EXACT Hidden Line Removal

Post by audun opda » Tue, 23 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I am writing an MDL for Hidden Line Removal using the functions
mdlHview_processView, mdlHview_message, mdlHview_.....
Is there a definition in mdlHview_message that will set the processing
method to EXACT instead of FAST?

If not how can I run Hidden Line with EXACT method from MDL.

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1. Exact Hidden Line Removal

Does anyone know of an example as to how to do exact hidden line

Do you:
1. Redefine two new functions that replace visibleFunction and
invisibleFunction to collect information yourself.
2. call mdlView_hiddenLineRemoval.

A few questions however,
A. What does mdlView_hiddenLineRemoval2 do that version 1 does not?
B. visibleFunction and invisibleFunction are defined, but the default
doesn't seem to do anything.  Is the source code available anywhere?
C. Is visibleFunction and invisibleFunction the code that is run when
using the File : Export : Visible Edges command with the exact checkbox

Thanks in advance,

James Lord

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