Wanted: Used HP workstation

Wanted: Used HP workstation

Post by jim_d.. » Wed, 05 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I need a used HP workstation to act as a file server and for back-ups.

Please contact:

Bob Fraser
Irvin Automotive
810-377-1500 X2201


1. R12c1a on HP HP-UX 9.05 Workstation Error

I have a number of users using Autocad R12c1a on Hewlett Packard HP-UX
workstations.  This is the latest version I have been able to get from
autodesk for this platform.  The actual configuration is ah HP 712, 128MB
memory, 4 users (one using the 712, the others on Xterminals).

Everyone keeps getting the following pop up when they go to plot.  This
is not consistant.  Sometimes they get it, sometimes they dont.
   "Unable to initialize any configured plot device"
Sometimes canceling and plotting again will work.  Sometimes it wont.

I have the system configured (for each user) to plot to a file (AUTOSPOOL).
I have configured a different extension for each user for the plot file (done
via I beleive configuration option 7).  The ACADPLCMD (sic) variable is set
to do a "lp -dcalcomp %s ; rm %s" so that the plot files are removed after
each plot ( I first thought that we were getting conflicting plot file
names ) for each user.  Access permissions on the spool directory being
used (same by all) is fully opened for read/write.  Problem still occurs.
They are using a driver for Calcomp Colorview 5912/13 under the Calcomp
colormaster series I beleive.

Anyone have any ideas?  Anyone at Autodesk listening?  My local dealer
doesnt have a clue about Unix, and is slow to handle such things.

as I dont read this regularly - I will try to watch it for next few days

Thanks in advance!
Calvin Hayden
Sys Admin

Calvin Hayden                   Uucp: uunet!tijc02!cgh018        

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