Copy n Paste tagged elements and keeping the tag

Copy n Paste tagged elements and keeping the tag

Post by Wrmnfuz » Sat, 20 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Copy Tagged Element> Open other dgn> Hit Paste then........It's strange I can
see the tags in the element as I drag it dynamically but as soon as I enter a
Data Point the tags gone. Any alternate intelligence on this one?



1. Tagging an element more than once with the same tag set.

Hello everybody!

The MicroStation manual states in the "Attach Tags" command:

"It is not possible to attach tags from an individual tag set more than
once to a particular element".

Of course it is true, interactively, but the architecture used to
support the tags (Association id., etc) is able to manage various tag
instances of the same tagset. It seems to me that once, testing a
program, I attached two instances of the same tagset to the same element
by error with SUCCESS return.

The question is: Is it possible and safe (supported in the future) to
attach several instances (values) of the same tagset to an alement.

Any information is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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