American Mold and Engineering / Large 3d molds Designed and Built

American Mold and Engineering / Large 3d molds Designed and Built

Post by Cholly Nachma » Thu, 11 Mar 1999 04:00:00


My name is Cholly Nachman

I work for AME and just wanted to see if there is any need to have any 3/D
Plastic Injection Molds built.

We can design and build Medium to Large ...... Quality Molds.

Difficult geometry is our specialty!

We have several seats of SolidWorks, and are currently writing automation
routines for all of our CAD/CAM Systems, and CNC Machines to get your
product to market faster than ever! We are technology driven and can
communicate with any CAD/CAM system

We can also communicate using "NetMeeting" to do internet conferencing for
design reviews and plan job strategies.

To get a feel for the automation technology that we are implementing, check
out the November / December 1998 issue of SolidSolutions Magazine

"Mold Design Automation"

To learn more about our company , visit our website

Cholly Nachman

Software Engineer / Systems Analyst

Steve Kalvastran

Design Engineer / Quoting Department



1. Pro-E job openings for mold design in Pro/Mold

Mold Designers

Alpha Mold West, Inc of Broomfield, Colorado; and Alpha Mold, Inc of Huber
Heights, Ohio; have immediate openings for mold designers with Pro/Mold
experience in the designing of molds for plastic injection.

Please call 303-465-1701 and ask for Dane for more details.  Or, E-mail:

Please visit our home page if even only curious.  for the Colorado division or   for the Ohio division

Alpha Mold West, Inc is located between Denver and Boulder Colorado on Hwy 36

Alpha Mold Inc is located northeast of Dayton, Ohio on I-70;  8 miles east of
its intersection with I-75.

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