Hidden line removal

Hidden line removal

Post by Jack » Sun, 21 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I have die cast die that I modeled with Modeler using solids, the part and
parting line are surfaced and referenced into the model.  The problem is
that when I try to use hidden line removal (turning them to dashed style not
removed) on one of the views that were placed with Sheet Detailer some of
the elements that should be visible disappear.  Anyone have an idea what is
wrong and/or a work around.



1. MDL application for hidden-line removal

..and you are a MDL programmer, there is a new kid on the block worth looking into:


When combined with mdlHview_processView() it can create all kinds of selective
hidden line tricks (_AND_ sectioning with outlines in the way you wouldn't think was
possible - becouse there is no user tool for this - for some weird reason...)

Have a fun!


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