Pro/E Surfacing Expert Needed

Pro/E Surfacing Expert Needed

Post by gruen.. » Tue, 27 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Our rapidly growing consulting company in Wisconsin (near Milwaukee) has
a dire need for an individual who is an accomplished Pro/E user.
Special emphasis is on surfacing and surfacing techniques.  You must have
experience working with imported data, especially 2D and 3D wireframes.
Experience in using the "Master Model" technique is also required.  A
good plastics backround with knowledge of manufacturing detail that's
needed for plastic parts would be helpful.  B.S. in Mechanical
Engineering or an associated technical degree would be preferred but we
would also consider those without a degree who are just plain good at
what they do.  Good people skills as well as "patience" in working with
design changes and iterations is a must.  If you are interested, please

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This would be for a temporary consulting position.  Some of the work could
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