WANTED: Beta testers for new version of DCL Code Generator (DCG v2.00).

WANTED: Beta testers for new version of DCL Code Generator (DCG v2.00).

Post by Don Quijo » Tue, 20 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hello all!,

I am now in the final stages of development of the new version of
the DCL Code Generator (DCG v2.00).

The new version incorporates many new features, and completely re-
written source code.

I need Beta testers using the following platforms:

        DOS               AutoCAD R12
        DOS               AutoCAD R13
        Win 3.x/95/NT     AutoCAD R12
        Win 3.x/95/NT     AutoCAD R13
        Macintosh         AutoCAD R12
        Unix (any flavor) AutoCAD R12
        Unix (any flavor) AutoCAD R13

To apply, you must be an AutoCAD programmer (AutoLISP
or ADS) with good knowledge of DCL.  You must also be
willing to spend time (~2 wks) with the beta software, and
report any problems, suggestions, or comments.

This beta testing program will be limited to a small group
of testers only. Testers who do a good job evaluating the
software, will receive a free copy of the final product.

Thank You!

C. Legarreta


1. NEW: DCG v2.00 - DCL Code Generator for AutoCAD R12 & R13...

          DCL Code Generator v2.00 for AutoCAD R12 & R13

         DCG v2.00, the DCL Code Generator for AutoCAD,
         is now available!!


 AutoCADs Dialogue Control Language (DCL) allows the design and
 implementation of graphical dialogue boxes in AutoLISP and ADS
 applications.  Dialogue boxes permit the user and the computer
 to communicate more easily than through the usual command line
 interface in AutoCAD.

 To many average and beginner programmers, the structure and
 syntax of DCL can be rather complicated and confusing.  This,
 including the fact that DCL programming is a multi-stage process
 involving design, coding, previewing and debugging, makes
 development in DCL very exhausting and time consuming.

 The DCL Code Generator (DCG) is an integrated development
 environment designed to aid in the programming of DCL dialogue
 boxes.  Whether a beginner or experienced programmer, DCG offers
 you an easy-to-learn graphical interface that makes development
 in DCL a simple and effortless task.  With DCG you no longer
 have to move back and forth between a text editor and AutoCAD.  
 You will be able to code, preview, and debug your DCL dialogue
 boxes from within a simple interface.  Developing dialogue boxes
 with DCG is as easy as point-and-click!

 - Dramatically reduces DCL development time with its easy-to-use
   graphical development environment.
 - Create, preview, and debug your DCL dialogue boxes from within
   a single application.
 - Fast and automatic generation of properly formatted DCL code.
 - Direct integration with AutoCADs Programmable Dialogue Box
   facility for easier DCL debugging.
 - Support for multiple dialogue box definitions per file.
 - Context sensitive help facility.
 - Platform independent.  DCG runs on any system supported by
   AutoCAD Release 12 and Release 13.
 - Complete documentation with tutorial.

A DEMO version of DCG v2.00 is also available (dcg2demo.zip).  You can
obtain a copy from the following sites:



C. Legarreta
Quickfox Automation Software

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