DXFIN - problem

DXFIN - problem

Post by Martin Schl├╝ » Thu, 18 May 1995 04:00:00


I have a problem to read a dxf-file from CADDY
into Autocad (ver 12 for SunOS/Solarix).

Are there any known problems?    

The message was: Unknown linetype 9 in line 86... .

Thanks for any help


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DXFIN - problem

Post by DaveHatun » Thu, 18 May 1995 04:00:00


>I have a problem to read a dxf-file from CADDY
>into Autocad (ver 12 for SunOS/Solarix).

>Are there any known problems?    

>The message was: Unknown linetype 9 in line 86... .

This sort of error generally occurs when the originator of the DXF file
uses special linestyles, fonts, or menus. Your AutoCAD looks for the
appropriate SHX fiels or whatever, and can't find them. DOS R12 give
you windows in which you can select alternate styles...

Other options are:

Ask the originators for copies of their special styles...

Create a linestyle with the same name, either de novo, or by copying
and renaming an existing linestyle.


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