Software for tool(dies&moulds) designing

Software for tool(dies&moulds) designing

Post by urma » Mon, 29 May 2000 04:00:00

                "Massdim Gamma" - preliminary release


       In "AutoCAD R14" you must add new "Support File
Search Path" to make lesser
 confusion with old support files and "Massdim" support
files. So, for example create
 new directory "C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14\Massdim", then
extract files from
 "" to that directory. For "AutoCAD" to find
these new files do next:
 Options -> Preferences -> Support File Search Path -> Add -

Quote:> C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14\Massdim

 To load Massdim menu click:
 Tools -> Customize Menus -> Browse -> C:\Program
Files\AutoCAD R14\Massdim.mnu -> Load -> OK
 To uninstall do all that turned around.


       Click anywhere in menu and answer what command line
prompt asks. For example if command
 line asks to select line, then do so (Do not never select
block, polyline or 3d object). At
 first sight dimensioning looks very similar to "AutoCAD",
but soon you think another way.
 Remeber that "Update" option deletes whole subgroup of
dimension when at least one element
 of subgroup is deleted. So you can't change dimension
always as you would like. In "Massdim
 Beta" dimensions will look more acceptable way so there
are no need to edit them without
 "Massdim" itself. T* , breking, moving e.t.c is
acceptable. Changing how "Massdims"
 behavior and look like can be done in header
of "Massdim.lsp". Part of "Massdim" menu does
 same things as "AutoCAD", with exception that "Massdim"
settings are used.


       Some of the main principes when "Massdims" was
   1.Dimensions can be placed on detail drawing using same
principe what "AutoCAD" uses for
 selecting objects (main of them "Add" and "Remove"
selection modes). So if you need to draw a
 mass of dimensions, you have two ways: to add (also
with "Mass" keyword available in "Massdims"),
 or remove them (with simple "erase" command and
using "Update" keyword in "Massdims").
   2.Editing already existing dimension text (including
tolerances) or location is easy. Massdim
 have whole table of toleances, so it finds and writes
field values automatically.
   3.Dimension text can also be in nominal text mode.
Toggling between tolerance and nominal
 modes is easy.
   4."Massdim" dimension family type "diametral" have three
valuable options, what don't exist
 nowhere else yet. The best of it works in "Gamma" version
already. In "Change Dimension Status"
 dialog box the "box" option don't work in "Gamma" yet, in
future that option places box under
 diametral dimension what now can be done
with "AutoCAD" "tolerance" command, what is uncomfortable.
   5.Dimension scaling will be handled another way. One of
handling way will be to select dimensions
 with window and change scale for all of them in "Change
Dimension Status" "scale" option.
   6."Mass" selection can be used in radius dimensioning
also. In "Gamma" don't work planar
 diametral dimensioning, but if it comes, then also
with "Mass" selection ability.
   7.Angular dimension can be placed on single line ,
orthogonally. Dimensioning small angles
 are handled special way.
   8.First of all "Massdim" is created for tool (dies and
moulds) designers, it will be
 as part of special software for tool manufacturers.


       Gamma and Beta versions are free of charge. In Beta
version works all what you can
see in Gamma, but don't work yet. Alfa version is same as
Beta except all errors are tested and eliminated. Alfa's
price is $900.


       The best way to understand advantages of "Massdim"
is to install "Massdim Gamma" and

                  FEEL THE REAL POWER OF "MASSDIMS"!


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