STB Video Card

STB Video Card

Post by JMF41 » Sun, 12 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Running Acad R12 Windows on Gateway G6-200 , Win 95 with STB Virge (TM)
/VX 4MB 3D Video Card, and having problem with intersecting lines on right
angles appearing to overlap. Vivitron 700 display is set at 256 color at
640 x 480.  Same drawing does not reflect this problem when viewed on
P5-133 with older STB 2MB card.  Has anyone else experienced the problem
and is there a cure short of swapping out the video card? Thanks for any


1. STB video card problems?

Seems like somebody posted something a little while back about STB
Permedia-2 based cards.  Can't remember if it was positive or negative,
but I'm having major problems with my new card and SolidWorks (no other
apps).  I have the latest driver and I've tweaked everything tweakable
in the driver setup *and* in SolidWorks.  Lines all over the place in
wireframe mode . . . happens in the 99 pre-release also . . . although
the shaded model looks ALMOST correct (a few misplaced graphics there

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