Rasterconversion for CADS Overlay ESP

Rasterconversion for CADS Overlay ESP

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>>I am trying to import a soils map into Softdesk's Cad Overlay ESP.  I
>>scanned it with a Mustek flatbed scanned, but Cad Overlay will only import
>>RLC,IG4, CALS, and Group 4 TIFF.  Can anyone point me toward the right
>>program to convert jpg, bmp, or tiff into one readable by Cad Overlay?

>>Thanks Wesley Ashworth

>Use the TIFFRLC utility that comes along with the Cad overlaye ESP in a
>utility diskette.
>However it will not convert jpg , bmp formats.

>//Autodesk Product Support on the Internet//

If You use AutoCAD R10,R11 or R12 under DOS then You can use VDCAD for
digitizing and other purposes.

 VDCAD - Videodigitizer for AutoCAD R10,R11,R12.

 VDCAD10e, freeware part of package
 VDCAD ( Videodigitizer for ACAD ). It is permits to see
 raster files (b/w,32K*32K bit) in AutoCAD's window. It is for AutoCAD
 R10, R11. Raster backgraund is not AutoCAD primitiv. Raster files
 has internal compact format .TSH, for quick drawing again.
 Raster and Vector are scaled and paned simultaneously.

 VDCAD12e (VDCAD V4.0) in additon can put out Raster and Vector together
 to raster file and after to raster plotter. In this case Raster can have
 saturation 100%,25%,11.11%,6.25%. VDCAD12e requires payment.

 With parol VDCAD V4.0 works as real soft,
 in any other case VDCAD V4.0 works as demo with file - TEST.TSH only.

 It is on ftp server - ftp.relcom.ru
             catalog - /msdos/cad
               files - vdcad10e.exe  freeware
                       vdcad12e.exe  demo with raster map

 or You can download it from http://www.kcmo.com/greater

 If You will have any questions then ask us, Please!

 If You send us more details about your project then maybe we can help You
 some other way (special for You).

 George Tyshko & Vasily Ossipov


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on raster edges there. And its faster in redrawing. You can print hybrid
(raster and vectors) and you can rasterize vectors to get a real raster-only
file. Otherwise you have two files, a DWG and a Raster File (RLC,
TIFF,PCX...). We use the DOS Version, but a NT Version is announced.

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