Import Level Symbology

Import Level Symbology

Post by Goran Pilipov » Sun, 02 Dec 2001 19:43:47

Can I somehow, attach level symbology within my java code, but not
"manually" with Import Level Symbology in dialog Level->Manager?

1. Importing level symbology chokes system

Here is a problem we are runnning into using MS 95 DOS.

I am working with files designed to produce plots. Each file might have at
least 15
attached reference files.  There are other files created just for the
purpose of having
level symbology settings ready for a quick settings change for the 15 or
more attached
reference files. We import the level symbology settings for the attached
reference files
from these special files. (We sure wish Bentley would allow this operation
to work
for multiple reference selections!)

After two settings of importing level symbology settings, say 30 or more
Microstation suddenly looses knowledge of where files are located. You can
imeadiately when this happens because the path locations in the open file
dialog box
for the level symbology import operation changes. At this point the sytem
starts to
misbehave. Soon the system will hang. For example closing the file will
make the
system appear to hang.

The only work around we have is to exit Microstation after two file edits
and then reenter.

Any ideas? We have FILES=80 and the enviroment set to 2048.



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