. JIS (Japanese) Steel Shapes

. JIS (Japanese) Steel Shapes

Post by ASVI » Fri, 25 Aug 2000 12:00:57

ASVIC Engineering & Software are pleased to announce that JIS Shapes
(Japanese Steel Shapes) have now been added to Mech-Q Structural Steel
Detailing package:  MST02

Other steel specs included:
        BHP (Australian),
        RSA  (South Africa)


For AutoCAD 14, 2000, 2000i & LT2000

For a Fully Functional Demo:  http://www.asvic.com.au/mq-demo.htm

Mech-Q Structural Steel Detailing (MST02)
Mech-Q Structural Steel Detailing is a group of Plug-In utilities for
AutoCAD:  The main modules are: Steel Shapes generator (AISC/ASTM & Metric:
BHP (Australian), CISC(Canadian), DIN, RSA & JIS) - with weighted auto-BOM
and listing utility:  2-D and 3-D.  Stairs utility - from single flight to
multiple flight stairs, front, elevation & plan views. - The utility is
equipped with auto-dimensioning and stringer fabrication detailer.  Ladder
utility - step-thru & side-step ladders, fully customizable & with
auto-dimensioning.  Beam-to-beam and beam-to-column connections - with
auto-fabrication detailing.

Other powerful modules include: Structural bracing module, hand railing,
frames utility, purlins & girts, plates, welding symbols and many more.

Also included - Beam designer: Design options: Simply supported, cantilever,
propped & build-in beams - multiple load cases.  The utility reports & plots
stress & deflection diagrams, reactions & minimum allowable beam section.

The software is very easy to use, but powerful and with minimum training you
could be generating complex and professional steel drawings easily and
accurately - with huge savings in time.

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