Help! Can't plot

Help! Can't plot

Post by Richard Russe » Thu, 06 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Used to run R12 Dos on a 486 with a PS2 mouse. On this machine the plotter
(HP7580B) was connected with a cable that had a 25 pin connector at the
plotter and a regular 9 pin serial connector at the computer (COM1).

I now have a Pentium running Windows NT and R13.  I am aware of the plot
spooling that is required for NT and intend to tackle that later.  In the
meantime I thought that I would plot from DOS.  I soon discovered that the
new machine has a serial mouse and the second com port has a 25 pin
connector.  I bought a 9pin to 25 pin adaptor for the cable but I cannot
get the plotter to respond in R13 DOS or my old R12 DOS.  Anybody have any
Rich Russell


1. wise to share'plot styles' 'drv' and 'support' folders

I'm a cad manager.  To make things more uniform in the office I have placed
the plotstyles, fonts, plotters, drv and even support folders on our main
server. All the users stations are then configured to use these files. I
know this is a terrible hack but it seems to work. in making all the plot
characteristics of all the stations uniform an it also allows centralized
customization.  Thus far I have had a few quirks, periodically plotter
doesn't layout the job correctly. but thus far the benefits far outweigh the
negative. Is there an easier way to accomplish this ?

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