Create Rectangle in VBA

Create Rectangle in VBA

Post by MLL » Wed, 10 Apr 2002 06:15:43

Hi all,

Using Visual Basic for Applications, how do I use the rectang command to
interactively choose point 1 and point 2 of a rectangle?  Basically, I want
the code to act as if the user typed "rectang" into the command window and
when they select the first point AutoCAD draws a dynamically sized rectangle
from Point to the current crosshair position to help the user visualize the
location of the second corner.

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Can "Add" the new DimStyle to the DimStyles Collection OK.
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In similar AutoLisp code we do above and then Call "Command" with correct
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VBA does not provide "Command" call. So can't find a way to "Save".
Any ideas appreciated.


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