Anyone using HP Visualize 550 FX4 Having this problem?

Anyone using HP Visualize 550 FX4 Having this problem?

Post by Angela and Jon Schmid » Tue, 10 Jul 2001 05:22:10

My HP Visualize FX4 550 is stalling for brief intermitant
periods and locking-up totaly at times. (Even with no applications running)

The operating system was Windows NT and
is now 2000, the problem persits.

The only data that I can find relating to
this is from Task Manager performance page.

When the problem is occuring, the CPU Usage
chart will show usage at 100% for about 3
seconds on uneven cycles about 10 to 15 seconds apart.

Sometimes the CPU Usage will rise to 100% and
not come down, from this point on, the computer is locked.

The Mem Usage chart shows no change.

The Processes page of the Task Manager
reacts too slowly to show what process
is using the CPU. I can hear the CPU sound
go to a higher pitch but the Process screen
is locked-up and doesn't show what process is running.
(Maybe it isn't a process?)

Please let me know if you have any ideas what this is.


Jon Schmidt


1. Anyone having problems with HP's Visualize-FXE card and Pro/E?

Any ideas?

We got a new batch of HP's B2000's with the entry level Visualize-FXE
graphics cards. We are running Pro/E 2ki build 2000090, and have
installed all the patches recommended by HP and PTC. However, there
seems to be some problems with the FXE cards in that they don't always
highlight a select feature edge, or refresh the main window. That is,
close the window and the model is still displayed. Very odd!

In any event, we are in the process of isolating the problem -- next
test is to shove an old FX2 card in the box, and see if that works.
Nevertheless, I'm just curious if any one else has experienced a
problem with HP's new FXE card, and would care to talk about it.

-TIA -

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