Microstation / Modeller 'J' with ATI Rage Pro Fury 32Mb GFX Card.

Microstation / Modeller 'J' with ATI Rage Pro Fury 32Mb GFX Card.

Post by DuncNSar » Tue, 04 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone any experience with any of the ATI cards in Microstation?  I have
tried a couple (Matrox G400 & Voodoo3 2000) & the ATI is the only one (so far)
which reports "Hardware GL context" however I have the same problem on two
machines, one running a 16Mb ATI 128 card & the other mentioned above.  

When I rotate a model in the quickvision view the slider & zoom controls for
that window dissapear, these will re-appear when the mouse is swiped over the
area or if you click on where the slider bar should be.  I know that these
cards are a fairly good solution & are supplied as standard in Gateway machines
currently shipping for use with CAD.  However I have come to a stop with trying
to find a solution for this - there are no updated drivers available for this
card as it seems the only ones available at this current time are the ones
shipped with the card.  Also I'm hoping that version 7.1 of MSJ (when I receive
this on Select CD) may sort this out.

Does anyone have any magical solution or experience with any of the ATI 128
boards with MSJ, if so I'd be very interested to hear from you.

Thanks in advance,
Duncan.  UK.


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