Hidden line removal

Hidden line removal

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I dont know if this is the right group to post in, if not, can you let me
know which group this should go to. Ta.

I am trying to write a simple 3d graphics engine using Vector graphics.
For the time being I am not bothered about curved surfaces or guard
shading etc. I just want to use flat unshaded polygons. I am looking for a
simple algorithm to remove the hidden lines. Can anyone let me know where
to find such an algorithm, or mail one to me? I am programming using C++.

Thanks in advance.


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into the drawing, and the drawing is plotted with hidden line removal
selected.  (Everything is in model space; we're very primitive.)

Problem:  Hiding lines during plotting (or using the HIDE command) has
the effect of "virtually" turning FILL off.  The variable is still set
to "ON," but all solids, wide polylines and arrowheads in the 2-D views
become outlines.  Presumably the hidden line removal algorithm is to

Is there any way to get filled solids and hidden lines at the same time,
or are they mutually exclusive?  (This is R.12c2, by the way).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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