xntp config files for firewall network

xntp config files for firewall network

Post by Bob Snyd » Sat, 14 Mar 1992 07:24:47

We are running a system with 3 Sun servers hooked up to multiple
ethernets, with our only connect to the Internet being through a
single gateway machine that does not route packets.  What I assume I
need to set up is to have the gateway contact a low stratum clock out
on the internet, and then have it feed it's time as a server into the
3 main Sun servers, which would peer with each other and distribute
the time to the various workstations...  I haven't been able to get
this type of configuration set up in the ntp.config files.

If anyone with a remotely similar setup (or even if you don't :-),
could you send be a copy of your config files, along with a brief note
describing your setup?  Thanks.


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