Configuring a stratum 1 server (using ntp w/o being on the Internet).

Configuring a stratum 1 server (using ntp w/o being on the Internet).

Post by Jesse W. Ash » Sun, 20 Sep 1992 07:51:50

We need to use ntp as our time protocol because we have networks
spanning the country (meaning we have an internet) and we need to use
Universal Time.  So, I'd like to set it up so that we have our own top
level time servers and then the next layer servers (stratum 2).
Basically, I'd like to fool it into thinking its on the Internet.  Can
anyone suggest how to do this?  What should my /etc/ntp.conf look like
on the stratum 1 server?

Another reason for doing this is that we plan to be on the Internet
within the year and this will enable us to be ready to go.   Thanks
for any suggestions here.

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1. Configuring ntp-4.0.91 server's local clock to be stratum 1

    I would like to make my server's local clock startum 1. This is a
purely isolated system and it gets an
input from a Bancomm card. I cannot touch the Bancomm card alotough I'd
like to. Out source code sets the system clock per the Bancomm's output.
I need to sync my routers based on that time. I tried to fudge the
server's clock to stratum 1 but an ntptrace always returns stratum 16. I
was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this subject.


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