Latest version(s) of ntp/xntp + patches

Latest version(s) of ntp/xntp + patches

Post by Hannu Martik » Tue, 27 Aug 1991 17:25:40

Could someone tell where are the latest version of xntp + patches.
I'd like to have pathces and already patched files.


Regards from Goodi

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1. What is the latest or most stable version of xntp?

Can anybody tell me which of the various tar files in louie:pub/ntp
I should use if I want to update all the machines at this site?
We're currently running xntp3.4b on most machines, and "ntpd" (that's
right, the old version 1 protocol implementation from _ever_so_long_
ago) on some others.  I've got an opportunity to do a once in a decade
update of (almost) all machines. What tar file should I use?

While I'm at it, what's the difference between 3.5f and 3-5.85?
There's obviously been some re-organization of the directory tree, but
is that all?



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