NTP server on the internet

NTP server on the internet

Post by SIM » Thu, 12 Jun 1997 04:00:00

> I need a NTP server on the internet, physicly somewhere in Europe.

The NTP Home Page maintains a list of stratum 1 and stratum 2 servers at
http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/servers.html - I took a look there
and found the folowing:

   48.ntp.exnet.com (
      Location: ExNet Ltd, London, UK
      Synchronization: NTP secondary (stratum 2), Sun-4/Unix
      Service area: UK/Europe/any
      Access policy: semi-open access, please send message first for access

      Note: Please see our Web page before using. Please use CNAME
      ntp.exnet.com since IP address may well change.

   50.ntp.maths.tcd.ie, ntp.cs.tcd.ie, ntp.tcd.ie
      Location: School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
      Synchronization: NTPV3 secondary (stratum 2), Sparc Station 1
      Service Area: Ireland, UK
      Access Policy: open access

      Note: ntp.cs.tcd.ie , ntp.maths.tcd.ie and ntp.tcd.ie peer together
            over local area net, and one or more usually run at stratum 2.
            Its normally sufficient just to pick one machine to peer with.

I didn't spend much time browsing the lists, so you might want to check
them out yourself.  Good luck!

--> Clint Sulis

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NTP server on the internet

Post by Damon Hart-Davi » Fri, 13 Jun 1997 04:00:00

> I need a NTP server on the internet, physicly somewhere in Europe.

Look at http://www2.exnet.com/NTP.html

Server is s-2 (will be an s-1 server again soon), in London.



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Hello NTP users,

Busy setting up NTP between two Digital Alpha machines.  One is running
VMS(with tcp ware) the other Digital Unix (3.2D-1).  General consensus
seems to want to make the VMS Alpha machine the time server (It is setup
in a 5 machine VMS cluster - quite reliable)

Advice needed:
If I use one of the Internet Servers recommended for timekeeping such as
bitsy.mit.edu, utcnist.microsoft.com,etc  What will the effect be on my
host(VMS Alpha) which is acting as a client to these Internet servers
(and as a server to other hosts on my local network), if the network
congestion becomes a little heavy and my server cannot connect or
receive ntp packets or data (times out for a few minutes) from those
Internet Servers for a while.  

Also do you know what sort of impact it will in turn have on the clients
of my local host/server (such as the Dig Unix Alpha server)?

What is recommended or better? - To designate Internet servers as time
servers or rather to designate a local host on your network to keep

Promise I will summarize!
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