Version History and Discussion, Where?

Version History and Discussion, Where?

Post by Henry B. Ho » Fri, 12 Aug 1994 06:00:30

No, I don't mean where is the FAQ or the latest version.  I know about

I mean where is the discussion of needed revisions of xntpd and where
is the information on what was changed in each version?

It seems like there is a new version every week or so, but this
newsgroup never carries any announcements of new versions.  I don't
know where to look for information on what was changed in each version.
 How do I know whether to continue using 3.3w or upgrade to 3.4a?
What's the difference between 3.3zf and 3.4a?

Is there a mailing list that I should subscribe to instead of this

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1. New Version of History.of.area.splits

Just installed in the Telecom Archives today, with the following

In list of areas which have N0X/N1X prefixes, I have shifted
212/917/718 and 512/210 to present tense.  I already had a note about
813 having N0X/N1X prefixes, so I added that the instructions also
apply to 305,407,904.  For the 416/905 full cutover, I previously had
Jan. 1994 with no exact date available and I now have 10 Jan. 1994.

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