Wanted: cpp or makedepend for C++

Wanted: cpp or makedepend for C++

Post by Stu Bro » Sat, 28 Sep 1991 22:27:28

I am looking for a makedepend that works on C++.
If that's not available, I have the makedepend
source but to work properly I need cpp source that works with C++.




1. makedepend Dependencies for C++

I am using makedepend on Solaris 2.7 in a mixed C/C++ environment.  Here
is a snippet of code from a C++ source file:

#include <a.h>
extern "C" {
    #include <b.h>

makedepend is failing to identify b.h as a dependency.

Does anyone know a way around this problem?
Does anyone know of another make dependency tool?


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