Exception safety with exceptions handling

Exception safety with exceptions handling

Post by Valentin Bonnar » Wed, 05 Aug 1998 04:00:00

uncaught_exception() doesn't have a throw specification.

It is intentionnal ? Does it means that one should be prepared
to handle exceptions thrown from uncaught_exception() ?

uncaught_exception() is called in exception handling contexts
where exception safety is very important.


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1. exception handling not handling

The search function in my linked list returns a null pointer. I am thinking
that this is where I use exception handling.
But... the compiler raises "unhandled exeption error" before I can throw my
failure variable.
Am I missing something painfully obvious?

Any guidance appreciated!

    try   // if search fails returns a null pointer
        int failure = 0;

     if ((temp = theList.findList(theKey)->prop) == NULL)
      throw failure ;
     catch (int i)
      cout << "not found" << endl;


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