ANSI/ISO C++ committee

ANSI/ISO C++ committee

Post by Brian Ho » Thu, 05 May 1994 03:40:37

Through what channels should someone go to join the ANSI/ISO C++ committee?
I'm not particularly interested in influencing decisions, but am more
concerned with keeping a* of changes in the language.  Reading D&E by
Stroustrup made me realize that there is a LOT going on in the language
that I should be kept aware of (I'm a library developer/vendor) in order to
retain compatibility.


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1. const references (may be banned by ISO/ANSI committee)


I just read the C++ puzle in the C++ report by Rob Murray. In his column
he said "Believe it or not, the ISO/ANSI committe has actually spent time
discussing const references, and it is entirely possible that they may ban

If possible could some one please elaborate on this. I have built
a bag of pointers class in which I define  the following two operators:
(dont ask why, but it is very usefull for me):

inline T*& operator [] (int);
inline T* const & operator [] (int) const;

// operator [],  returns reference to a pointer.
template <class T>
inline T*& PtrBag<T>::operator [] (int i) {
   return b[i];

where b is of type T**

// operator [],  returns constant reference to a pointer.
template <class T>
inline T* const & PtrBag<T>::operator [] (int i) const {
   return b[i];

basically the second operator return a const reference to a pointer.

So my question, is what I am doing above not portable and soon will
become not-supported.

Abed M. Hammoud

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