gethostbyname timeout under linux with dialup-router

gethostbyname timeout under linux with dialup-router

Post by os » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 15:36:58

Hello all together,
here an interesting problem. (i hope)

I can not find the parameter in BIND to control the timeout of the
through a isnd-dialup-router.

With windows clients it works all fine because the timeout is horrible

But with my linux (suse 7.3) i alway get a timeout on the first
This is the moment, the router has to connect.
The second and every consecutive request works fine.

Can someone help, or am i wrong in this forum ?

Thank you,


1. session-timeout idle-timeout or absolute-timeout

Hi there,

if anyone can help me with this basic question please. I am trying to set
the time out on our cisco AS5300 for ascync lines as well as vty lines. I
want to disconnect any dialup connection through ascync line which is idle
for 60 minutes, do I go:
config t -> line ascync xx idle-timeout 60
also to let a vty connection run for 8 hours do I type in:
config t -> line vty 0 xx -> absolute-timeout 4800

I have tried these but did not get what I was expecting any suggestions?

thanks in advance to everyone.


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