More on whois database

More on whois database

Post by Richard J. Sext » Tue, 27 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 18:20:48 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Re: [IFWP] USG to Netsol : Open Whois Database

Quote:> was registered in 1986.  What is the scope of NSI's claim to the
> data relating to that domain?

The point about 5 USC 552a has to do with US government databases
containing personally identifiable information, such as the names of the
tech/admin/billing contacts.  (And 5 USC 552a was passed in 1974.)

So we don't have to get into NSI's claim over the data, but rather whether
the database is under sufficient control of the government to trigger the
Privacy Act.

There has been a lot of handwaving about whether there is or is not
control.  But if NTIA can order NSI to open the database to the public or
to transfer it to another party, that's a pretty strong indication of

And for the Privacy Act, I would assert that one of the biggest elements
of control is whether the Government has the ability to keep the data
private or not.  And an order to publish or transfer is certainly pretty
strong evidence of belief by NTIA that NTIA has that kind of control.


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1. Whois database access or VB programmatic access to Whois?


I posted a series of questions regarding the COM.ZONE (10/12/99 -
"Questions re: COM.ZONE - does anyone understand this file".

Thanks to those who answered, especially Barry Margolin.  I'm slowly
getting a better understanding of how this all comes together (or

As I stated in the earlier message, I am analyzing domain names for a
project.  I found that the COM.ZONE database (gotten from NSI) is
incomplete because it only lists domain names that are up-to-date.
However, if a name is not found in COM.ZONE, that doesn't mean that
the name is available - because it still might be found in the Whois
database.  Example:  00C.COM ("zero" "zero "c") is not in the COM.ZONE
file, but is found in a whois search.

New questions:

        Does anyone know of a way to download the whois database?  I
had to sign all kinds of stupid forms (in my opinion) so that NSI
would let me have access to the COM.ZONE.

        So how do I get to download the whois data?

If that's not possible, would anyone know of a method for a Visual
Basic programmer to write code to do a query of the Whois database?

In a perfect world it would look something like this:

        Function WhoisResult (DomainName as String) as String

                WhoisResult = GetWhoisData (DomainName)

        end function

Thanks in advance for any assistance/guidance.


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