Access DNS Cache

Access DNS Cache

Post by Jonathan de Boyne Pollar » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 21:52:41

And it would often give you the wrong information.  The address->name mappings
in the public DNS database are not required to be the inverses of the
name->address mappings, and often aren't.  Moreover, there is no requirement
that every IP address maps to a name.  If an address->name lookup yields the
information that there is no such mapping in the public DNS database, then
_that is the case_.  Believe it.  Stop thinking that there is another,
different, answer to be had somewhere.


1. DNS caching-only server in DMZ: Access denied

TCP 53 is used exclusively for zone transfers.  UDP 53 is used
exclusively for name resolution (except in the Microsoft world where for
some reason they cant figure out how to do a zone transfer without udp,
at least, last I checked).

You need to allow udp 53 not tcp 53 through.


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