Thank you for your help. : )

Thank you for your help. : )

Post by J W L » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 09:46:58

It was great help.
I really appreaciate both your help.

1. PSEUDO error--Thanks for all the help

All who replied,

     I got many suggestions on this problem as to how to fix it.
Unfortunately, I have exhausted all of these measures, with no obvious
solution.  One thing I have found to work, is to follow these steps.

1.  Uninstall Client 32 using UNC32.

2.  Remove all items from the Network Properties list. Including any
adapters that are present.

3.  Remove all PCMCIA cards (modems, NIC, etc.)

4.  Then, shutdown and restart the system with no cards present so that
Windows may update itself.

5.  Shutdown again, this time inserting the NIC FIRST!!(This is
important that the NIC be installed first.)  Install the software
drivers for the NIC when Windows boots.

6.  Then, restart the system so that Windows can once again update
itself.  When Windows is rebooted, shut the system down.

7.  Insert the next PCMCIA card if used.  Install the software for that
and restart Windows again to finish PCMCIA card installation.

8.  Install Client32.

     It seems that Windows has some problems with the order of the
cards being installed.  I have not run into any problems as of yet
using this method.  I don't know how many LAN Admins or PC Techs have
this problem, but I truly hope this method works for all of you.  I
have spent a countless number of hours on this, and it finally looks
like the hard work has paid off.  Thanks again for all of your help.
Please keep in touch if any other issues arise out of this, I will
probably run into them along the line somewhere.  Thanks.

                                          -Richard Eid

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