Persistent route

Persistent route

Post by Jaso » Sat, 07 Jun 2003 17:58:05


Would anyone tell me how to delete persistent routes in Windows NT 4.



Persistent route

Post by Barry Margoli » Sat, 07 Jun 2003 23:45:55

>Would anyone tell me how to delete persistent routes in Windows NT 4.

I suggest you'll get better help by asking this in a Windows newsgroup,
since the question is totally unrelated to DNS.


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1. Problem with Persistent routes on NT Server

    We have NT 4.0 servers with SP3.  They have multiple nics installed
where a primary nic is used for client/server communication and the second
nic is on a separate network used for backups.  The primary nic has a
default gateway for the routers and the second nic does not have a default
gateway defined.  The servers are not running RIP or silent RIP.  Servers
primarily act as file servers.

    We have defined a persistent route to the backup server and used the nic
IP address as the gateway for the route definition.  This has worked fine
for many months.  Recently we began having problems where the persistent
routes would become "inactive".  A "route print -p" shows that the route is
still defined under Persistent routes but it does not show up under the
Active routes as it normally does.  We have to re-add the route to correct
the problem.  This route seems to drop at various times and sometimes during
backups when a session is established over the second nic.

    We are trying to determine if something external can blow away a
persistent route such as an ICMP redirect but we have just about ruled the
ICMP redirect out.  Looking for any suggestions on what could cause a
persistent route to become inactive or if anyone has seen this problem

Thanks in advance.

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