InterNIC domain release time (grumble)

InterNIC domain release time (grumble)

Post by Bob Izenbe » Mon, 09 Sep 1996 04:00:00

        Does the written InterNIC policy on domain aging
have any meaning?  Outside of the occasional mass axing
of unpaid domains, it does not seem that domains past their
anniversaries + 60 days + 60 days grace are going on hold.

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1. InterNIC domain fees -- this time they definitely are gouging!

[My apologies if this has been brought up before; my news feed is a bit
flaky so I don't always get all of the articles that I should.]

A few weeks ago I finally got an invoice for a domain which has its
anniversary date back in March.  Today, I got another invoice!  My first
assumption was that they'd screwed up again, but careful examination of
both invoices shows a different problem.

The first invoice was for the year *ending* in March 1996; the second is
for the year *beginning* in March 1996.

If I remember correctly, their unilaterally imposed policy talked about
charging $50 per year, in advance, starting with the first anniversary date
after the policy took effect.

This looks like they're trying to screw an extra $50 out of every domain
owner (how many millions of dollars does this add up to?) and hoping that
people just won't notice.

This is very, very tacky (and obnoxious)!



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