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If I understand your question, this sounds like what I did with Sambar
Server on my Windows 95 machine. My apologies if (a) this is too late to
be of help (b) too wordy or (c) not precisely accurate. This is simply
what I learned:

> Can some one please tell me if, while running Windows nt4 and having
> the
> webserver option set up etc. Can your computer be accessed (like a
> normal
> network and/or like a web server) without regeristing by using the IP
> address.

If you have a static IP address, not dynamic, then yes outside users can
access your webserver process by accessing or
whatever. With a dynamic address you have to tell them the new address
every time you reconnect your machine to the Net (icky).Sambar only
dished up pages from its directory. If you're asking whether people can
snoop on the rest of your machine, they're not supposed to be able to,
though there was such a problem under Windows 95. (See
http://wsspinfo.cern.ch/faq/computer-security/ntsecurity ?)

Quote:> This computer also does not have a permanent connection just a bog
> standard modem 28.8 or 33.6.

If your computer is not connected the client will just get a message
like 'Server is not responding.'

Quote:> Also when accessing URL's for example http://www.zetnet.co.uk does the

> location get converted to the IP on the clients machine (if so by
> what) or
> on the machine that routes the URL.

This is the job of the DNS (domain name server) whose IP address you had
to type in during configuration. The browser takes a domain name and
asks the name server to translate it (i.e. 'Looking up host
skidstop.co.uk') Once the client receives back an IP address, it can
then send the actual HTTP request to that address.

> Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

> Richard

> Jr

Hope this is useful, and of course I welcome clarifications.
Eric True