register a new DNS server ?

register a new DNS server ?

Post by Thibaut Maque » Sat, 24 May 2003 18:04:56


Where and how can I register a new DNS server ?

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register a new DNS server ?

Post by Barry Margoli » Sat, 24 May 2003 23:23:41

>Where and how can I register a new DNS server ?

Didn't I answer this a day or two ago?

You do it through your domain registrar.


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1. Can a dns server register a hostname for its sub-dns server?

Hi all,

I have a dns server which runs bind-9.1.3 for, say, and
one of its sub-domains is, say, I hope to add a A
record in for, say, and I
tried it and modified serial and re-run named and then tried a
ping , and I got a "unknown host".

Is there a way to do the job which I hope?

Thanks for any responses.

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