WS2003 Domain, Linksys Router and Broadband

WS2003 Domain, Linksys Router and Broadband

Post by Carl Walke » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:41:24

This might be the wrong NG for this question, but here goes...

I have a linksys NAT router with allows pcs on my home network to access the
broadband connection.  I also have a server running a Windows AD domain
which i would like to autenticate to when i log onto workstations within the
house.  when i set up the router to handle DNS (the DNS names handed to it
by the ISP as i cant access any web sites if i specify a local DNS server on
my network for obvious reasons) it works fine to access the net, and i can
access my server by using the system name (start => run => \\ComputerName or
http://ComputerName) and see the file shares.  When i try to access the
shares, it ass for user name & pw as is should so i enter my Windows Domain
login details and it all works.  Now for the bit that doesnt work....

When i use the setup above to try and use the Windows logon on the
workstations in the house to connect to the domain, i get the message
"domain controller cannot be found".  As soon as i log on locally and
navigate to the server, it finds it and asks for the domain login and then
authenticates as normal.

My question is how can i get my workstations to authenticate with my domain
controller at logon?

Changing the DNS hosts on the Router to be my local server is not a option
because as soon as i do that, the internet connection becomes useless as any
URL's typed in cannot be resolved by my little servers DNS and i get a 404.

This has been bugging me for ages now as im having to create accounts for
people on each and every machine locally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


1. Can Linksys broadband/wifi routers run inbound/outbound access lists?

:My GF is getting one of these soon. I've had lots of problems with
:getting probed from what looks like infected external machines, but
:I've got a Cisco 803 on which you can set this up...

Linksys has a lot of different models. I don't know if any of them
has what you would recognize as access lists. I see a review for
the WAPG54G that indicates you can configure what outbound users
can connect to. I see indications that the WAP54G that you can
filter based upon MAC address (up to 20).

Hmmm, a number of the Amazon reviews for the WAP54G are pretty harsh.
I know though, that a number of people think that BEFSR41 is pretty
good, and the V equivilent is said to be quite good as long as
you stick to release 3 instead of release 4. So it appears that
experiences differ a lot based upon model and version.
   Reviewers should be required to produce a certain number of
   negative reviews - like police given quotas for handing out
   speeding tickets.                        -- The Audio Anarchist

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