Setting up DNS for local and internet users ????

Setting up DNS for local and internet users ????

Post by bour.. » Wed, 22 May 1991 22:57:24


I want to setup a DNS server for our site that will fulfill the requirements
to be part of the DNS system, but also translate local forms of host names
for local users.

Our domain will probably be UL.IE, and it will be broken down into department
domains, like CS, ECE and MATHS etc .....

I would like the DNS server to be able to translate names like


for local users


for internet users.

Can this be done without breaking any of the rules ?

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Here is my problem :

Place Number 1: C Class Network - Primary DNS server - Web Server - No local
user on this network
Place Number 2: Another C Class Network - Secondary DNS - Backup Web
Server - Local users on this network - sub domains exists.

If a problem occurs with the first network the primary DNS will no more be
available, will not be resolved (and the main web server is
no more available).
I suppose that the request to resolve will be sent to the
secondary DNS, be resolved to another IP and the user will surf on the
backup web server.
I suppose things will goes that way.

But there is a problem : the users on the local network of "Place number 2"
will always surf the backup web server never the main !! But they HAVE TO !
When they uses they goes right to the backup web...

In fact I would like the secondary DNS not to responde to a local request on It should resolve only when the request comes
from the outside.

The only solution I see is to create CNAMEs on the primary DNS like,, that will not
exists on the secondary DNS... This way I can surf if I use
www2 and the backup if I use www...

But it's seems an ugly way ! Any idea ?

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