strange error logs

strange error logs

Post by Kirr » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 10:01:32

There are many errors in my logs: "stream_getlen([].4631):
request too small". What does this mean?



1. Strange Error when Logging onto news servers Tonight

Could it be unusual traffic, or something wrong with the servers? I never
saw this error before. This, alternated with requests for password and
logon, which have never appeared before because Outlook Express is
configured to log into the newsgroups automatically.

400 Too Many Connections [HS-Charter allows 4 per host/0 per feed (0 ==
nolimit)] (Tornado v1.0.0.112)


   Protocol: NNTP
   Port: 119
   Secure(SSL): 0
   Error Number: 400
   Code: 800ccca0

Any ideas what's up? Charter members?


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