Looking for an Ampex 230 termcap

Looking for an Ampex 230 termcap

Post by Robert Bown » Sun, 02 Sep 1990 18:45:00

        Anyone out there have a termcap entry for an ampex 230?
My new roomie loaned me his and I'm forced to run it in a210 mode
which is somewhat slower than a230 mode. A termcap description would
be mightily appreciated.

                Bob Bownes


1. Ampex 230+ termcap needed

  We have obtained several Ampex 230+ terminals and currently have
a buggy termcap entry.  Does anyone have a termcap entry, which
seems to work?  Thanks for your help.

Joe Scanlon,  1101 W. Springfield Ave.  (217) 333-4171
              Univ. of Illinois
              Urbana, IL  61801

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