VT100 (DEC) Setup Problem (online/offline)

VT100 (DEC) Setup Problem (online/offline)

Post by Deborah Spenc » Wed, 23 Oct 1991 08:22:17

I have a DEC VT100 terminal, and I do not have a manual :-(
When I turn the terminal on, it comes up offline, and I have
to go into the setup screen to turn it online.  Even if I save
the parameters when it is online, it still comes up offline.
When I first got the terminal, I am sure it came up online.
What do I need to set/save to get it to come up online?


        Deborah Spencer


VT100 (DEC) Setup Problem (online/offline)

Post by Jim Sherw » Sat, 26 Oct 1991 11:02:07

        Striking the SET-UP key places you into SET-UP A mode.  SET-UP A is
        basically your tab stops.  Use the space bar to move along the ruler
        and strike the T key at the desired tab stop location.

        SET-UP B may only be entered from SET-UP A and is done be striking
        the 5 on the main keyboard (i.e. top-row).

        To exit SET-UP B strike the SET-UP key.

        The SET-UP parameters are as follows:

        Bank    Position   Parameters

        1       1          Scroll; 0=jump; 1=smooth
        1       2          Autorepeat; 0=off; 1=on
        1       3          Screen; 0=dark; 1=light
        1       4          Cursor; 0=underline; 1=block

        2       1          Margin Bell; 0=off; 1=on
        2       2          Keyclick; 0=off; 1=on
        2       3          ANSI/VT52; 0=VT52; 1=ANSI
        2       4          Auto XON/XOFF; 0=off; 1=on

        3       1          Pound Sign Shifted; 0=#; 1=British Pound Sign
        3       2          Wrap Around; 0=off; 1=on
        3       3          New Line; 0=off; 1=on
        3       4          Interlace; 0=off; 1=on

        4       1          Parity Sense; 0=odd; 1=even
        4       2          Parity; 0=off; 1=on
        4       3          Bits per Char; 0=7 bits; 1=8 bits
        4       4          Power; 0=60 Hz; 1=50 Hz

        While in SET-UP B mode, these features are set by positioning the
        cursor above the feature switch, using the spacebar, and striking
        the 6 key on the main keyboard.

        To set the ANSWERBACK MESSAGE, enter SET-UP B and strike the SHIFT
        and A keys simultaneously.  The terminal will respond with A = on
        the screen.  Type a message delimiter character which may be any
        chaacter not used in the actual message.  Type the ANSWERBACK
        MESSAGE, up to 20 characters.  Type the message delimiter
        character.  The message will disappear from the screen.  You may
        not edit an ANSWERBACK MESSAGE.  You may only supercede it with a

        To save the SET-UP, strike the SHIFT and S keys simultaneously,
        while in SET-UP mode.

        I hope this helps.


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