200 of the Top windows based terminals

200 of the Top windows based terminals

Post by MEME » Sun, 23 Nov 1997 04:00:00

You want 200 of the top windows95 based terminals???
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1. Coloring a 200 column X 200 row matrix of numbers with colors based on values

I have some equipment that produces a very large amount of numbers. They
can be imported into Excel from a *.csv file. However, I now have to
color those numbers based on a value range.  An example may be;

Numbers from 5.2 to 25.6
Now I want to be able select the following:
1.      The number of ranges. Example, break up the colors as follows:
        5-10 red
        10.1 to 15 yellow
        15.1 to 20 orange
        20.1 to 25 green
        > 25 white
2.      Or, to chose a number of colors, say 10 colors and have the macro
determine the thickness range.

Any Help?

Bill Cook

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