Basic Dos to Dos or Windows to Dos software

Basic Dos to Dos or Windows to Dos software

Post by Michael. E. Smi » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I hope this is the right news group, coulg somebody please advise a
basic easy to use program that will connect a modern 486 windows 3.11
computer with an ancient Olivetti M24 8086 and allow remote access
betterer the terminal can thenk you.

1. Help!: QPRO 5.0 for DOS, QPW1.0, QPRO 4.0 for DOS Questions

I have QPRO 5.0 for Dos on my computer at home.  I have two computers at
school which have QPRO 4.0 for DOS and QPW 1.0.  I noticed that the files I
save in QPRO 5.0 for DOS at home have the extension .WQ2, while all the
other versions have the .WQ1 extension.  My problem is that if I edit a file
at home (or create a new file at home) in QPRO 5.0 for DOS, I cannot open
the file in either QPRO 4.0 for DOS or QPW 1.0.  It reads "Unknown file
format".  Is there any way to get around this?  I can understand losing some
data/info. due to differences in the versions, but even if I could just get
the raw data from the new version (5.0) into the older versions (4.0, 1.0).  
Any suggestions?  They main reason I would like to do this is so I could
edit files at home and then print then out at school on the Laser Printer.
Thanks in advance!

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